Farcorp is a leader in application development for Autodesk products

Farcorp has been developing customized applications as AutoCAD plug-ins for over 12 years. All applications are developed in an AutoCAD native customization language.

The development of applications is targeted at the tasks that take multiple steps and combine them into one operation. The outcome is a significant amount of time savings and assurance that your data is correct every time.

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Farcorp Tool Vault v1.0.

The Tool Vault is productivity application that creates a gateway into AutoCAD allowing designers to load Farcorp applications. It also loads applications created by other developers.

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     Farcorp has teamed up with Siemens Industry, Inc. to develop the #1 leading fire alarm design software in the industry, and an all inclusive, one of a kind, security design software.


Farcorp has developed the intuitive applications below for the everyday AutoCAD designer.

Farcorp Object Snap Manager

The "Farcorp Object Snap Manager" is a new tool that is great for managing your object snaps in AutoCAD. Best of all, this tool is absolutely FREE!!! This tool will allow you to setup your osnaps just the way you like them and it will remember your settings every time you open a drawing.

    "Farcorp Object Snap Manager"

Farcorp Unerase Wizard

The "Farcorp Unerase Wizard" is a well established tool that allows you to restore objects to your drawing that have been deleted. Ojbects may even be restored after your drawing has been saved and closed.... and re-opened a week later.

              The current download is compatible with AutoCAD 2008 and older.

Download the Unerase Wizard Brochure here.